PROG.FM Song Stats

11 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Aeon Zen A Mind's Portrait / Circle's End A Mind's Portrait 2009
Up Next UK Nothing To Lose Danger Money
After That Orphan Project Orphan Found Orphan Found

Song History Artist Title Album Year
The Lens Sleep Until You Wake A Word In Your Eye
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Vienna Beethoven's Last Night 2000
After Crying N.W.C. Show 2003
Opeth Windowpane Damnation 2003
Rush Where's My Thing? Roll The Bones 2003
Antares (DE) Back on My Mind Out of Sight / Over the Hills 0
Social Tension Go On My Way Macbethia 1989
Abarax Crying of the Whales (Part 1) Crying of the Whales 2006
Pink Floyd Obscured By Clouds Obscured by Clouds