PROG.FM Song Stats

5 Tuned In Artist Title Album Year
Now Playing Threshold Choices Critical Mass 2002
Up Next F.r.e.u.d. Fairyland Time Passengers 1998
After That Syzygy Distant Light The Allegory of Light 2009

Song History Artist Title Album Year
Xinema Speak to the World - Part I Basic Communication 2006
Ange Ego et Deus Emile Jacotey 1975
Zen Carnival Tigers Inheritance
Anekdoten Sad Rain Vemod (Japan Import) 1993
Dawn The Brook Loneliness 1993
Odyssice Legend Impression 2000
Windfall Inviting Pictures Adamantia
Ad Infinitum Neither Here Nor There Ad Infinitum
After Crying Face To Face Show 2003